I am Zeque/Unico | 22 years | Filipino | Bisexual | Blogger | Registered Nurse | Status:Single not available | Andragogic | blogs, reblogs, likes and follows | A dreamer. A simple guy who is happy with simple things. I love listening to music and singing. Though I am not a professional.

I am a nice person. I don't bite. ;) Follow me and we will be friends. Snob? Sometimes when I am busy but not always.

Fact: I have a short term memory. So better familiarize with yourself if you want to befriend me and remember you for the whole duration.

Fact: When I get addicted to music I repeatedly listen to it within the duration of 1 week. Then I will listen to another song and expect to last for another week.

Want to know more about me? Just hit ASK. :) I will be enjoying your company.

A Blogger since January 2, 2010. Four years in tumblr.

In a state of total change, never conquered, neither duplicated nor copied, A unique personality.

Disclaimer: Some of the posts that are contained in this blog mostly aren't mine. Most of them are reposted/reblogged. (credit to the sources)

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ano meron? HEHE


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